Recording Studio Design


Fluid Acoustics are the UK’s leading recording studio design company, providing recording studio designs, soundproofing designs, audio wiring designs and project management. Fluid Acoustics provide recording studio designs in 2D and 3D CAD, we then act as your project managers to ensure everything is built to the high levels required for a recording studio.  Fluid Acoustics work along side your chosen contractors or can recommend suitable building contractors in your local area. We can either simply provide you with a set of drawings or we can manage the entire project to ensure you get the intended result that matches your budget. are based in the UK and offer a fast and professional design service.

Our services include:-

  • Professional Recording Studio Design
  • Project Studio Design
  • Soundproofing Design
  • Acoustic Design
  • Audio Wiring Design
  • Network Wiring Design
  • Studio Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design
  • Studio Electrics Design

A phrase sometimes heard in this industry is “Acoustics can be resolved once your studio is built”, however ,we know this is not always the case. We calculate the acoustic response of each studio room before the studio is built enabling our clients to have a clear idea of what each studio room will sound like before they commit to construction.

As you are going to spend every waking hour in your studio, it needs to feel right. We design the space with studio producers and engineers in mind and can provide 3D walkthroughs to simulate the look and feel of your studio before it is built.

We can also design / supply and install all your studio equipment, from ProTools HD systems right down to the more budget Alesis systems.

Audio wiring design is also very important and comes as part of our complete package.

Ventilation can be an area that the studio owner dislikes spending money on. After spending money on soundproofing the last thing you want to do is make some large holes in the room to let fresh air in and stale air out. We have tried and tested designs that ensure an affordable air supply and extract that meets the current building code.  These designs enable you to record uninterrupted with little to no audible noise from the fans.